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The New Ayo Van Elmar 

Slow with soul

Positioning itself as an environmental friendly label with a “slow with soul” approach, and sustainability at its centre, Ayo Van Elmar (AVE) intends to collaborate with local farmers growing cotton in Africa, work with local weavers who hand-spin these, and with local artisans who design the fabrics with hand-cut stencils. AVE is branding its supply chain as ethical, and sourcing fabrics responsibly. AVE has placed transparency and traceability at the forefront of its value and supply chains, while executing a new business model of designing pieces that are desirable, avant-garde and exciting. In other words, AVE aims at preserving the heritage of African handmade crafts, sustaining the livelihoods of artisans in their local communities and promoting arts made in Africa on the international forefronts.



After a two-year break to redefine its purpose and relaunch in 2022, Ayo Van Elmar (AVE) has restructured with a circular and sustainable business model. AVE has newly relaunched and repositioned itself as a sustainable, ethical and conscious made-in-Africa brand. 

Ayo Van Elmar is currently exploring the art of handmade cotton and is preserving the heritage by nurturing the passover of traditional and cultural artisanship to young Africans.


Empowering African art and culture by educating creative African young adults and sustaining lives through exporting eco-friendly and ethical luxury products.

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