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Ayo Van Elmar (AVE) was founded in 2011.

The future of the founded fashion label was celebrated with its business partners, friends and family. 


Ayo Van Elmar showcased at  major fashion weeks and

opened pop-up stores in Europe. 


In September 2015, Ayo Van Elmar opened its

first showroom in the Lekki neighbourhood

of Lagos, Nigeria.

In 2016, AVE moved its store into the large window front space at the renowned 5 star Lagos Oriental Hotel andstarted the Ayo Van Elmar Fashion Cafe,

a fusion of fashion, healthy food and lifestyle.

Ayo Van Elmar enjoyed several collaborations and

partnerships with various artists across music,

film, fashion and lifestyle. In 2019, the brand

released its final unconscious collection.

After two years of restructuring, re-strategising, and taking a step back to redefine its purpose, AVE

has relaunched and repositioned itself

as a sustainable, ethical and conscious

made-in-Africa brand in 2022.

Ayo Van Elmar has won awards, accolades and has several nominations as the leading emerging womenswear / menswear label of the year. 




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