Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun, the creative director of

Ayo Van Elmar, and

the one who you are staring at as you read this, moved to Vienna, Austria, at the age of 17 and thought about starting

her own label with her co-founder, Elmar, after completing her first

degree from the University of Vienna, where she studied nutritional sciences.


Ayo has completed her five years magister (Diploma) programme of fashion design from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, one of Europe's most renowned art universities.


Ayo is committed to impacting lives through successful business ventures, training African youth, especially women to become

professionals in the fashion industry. Ayo is the founder of the sunshine project, a charity mission.

Ayo is energetic and optimistic, a purpose-driven leader and a natural-born enterpreneur. Ayo believes in getting understanding in all she does and she is a believer in God's grace, His goodness and His mercies. 


She loves great cuisines, she loves to read, travel and explore her world!


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