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Our history of


In 2013, Ayo Van Elmar deconstructed and reconstructed into wearable pieces, materials from items that were once hand bags. The Baglady collection was a unique way of recycling one of women's most precious possessions and extending their longevity to prevent them from ending up in landfills, just because these bags were broken or no longer worn as a handbag. 

The baglady collection focused on reducing waste and featured environmental friendly outfits and helped women to keep items that were dear to them living on in their wardrobe. 

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The Shared Responsibility of 


To incentivise behavioural change, pieces from collections purchased after Ayo Van Elmar (AVE)'s relaunch has a concise circularity plan in place, to ensure that they do not end in incineration. Ayo Van Elmar will offer a free remodelling of pieces purchased. After a period of three years, AVE will redesign the garment into another wearable or non-wearable items or home accessories. The client may collaborate with AVE to create these.  To make sure AVE's consumers get the more out of their purchase, AVE offers garment repair free of charge. 

The pursuit of 

Zero Waste 

Ayo Van Elmar is a slow and ethical brand, this means that  AVE no longer makes too many clothes, and debuts capsule collections at its own pace. Ayo Van Elmar's pieces are made only on demand and clients are willing to wait for the hand made process, from dyeing to stitching and finishing.

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